Jan Shively Watercolors

In my life I have lived in some of California's biggest art community hubs: Monterey/Carmel, San Francisco and Palm Springs where it seems there's an art gallery on nearly every corner. Rather than create art myself, something I'd always dreamed of, I was only able to admire the beautiful talented works because I though I was untalented and our family budget wouldn't support my "hobby" while I worked full-time.

Always artistic but never confident in my skills, four years ago with an eye on retirement from the medical field I finally found the courage to explore my creative tendencies. I indulged myself in an art class and the wonderful possibilities of blank paper, paints, and brushes. I soon discovered a passion (and talent!) for watercolors. I would've been happy to paint for my own pleasure in my modified studio (actually a bathroom because it had the best light). But thanks to the persistent encouragement of my loving and supportive family, I decided to enter my artwork into regional judging and for national publication.

To my absolute delight, I have found an eager audience for my watercolors! I won blue ribbons in the 2013 Ravalli County Fair which led to commissioned paintings. My work was also selected to be published in the Nothing But the Truth So Help Me God anthology in 2013. It was wonderful to see "Sacramento Kitty" on the cover of the March 2017 edition of Inside Arden publication. Now, as a commisioned artist I love the challenge of turning people's favorite memories into a piece of art.

I can't wait to see what 2018 brings and the joy of turning the beauty around me into watercolor art!